A Short Fairy Tale: The Fruit of Patience

A Short Fairy Tale: The Fruit of Patience – The short fairy tales that we post have reached nearly two thousand. You can find various short tales on this blog. We post short folk stories from around the world on this blog. This time, a short children’s story about patience that we present to all of you.

A Short Fairy Tale: The Fruit of Patience


better-rice-initiative-asia.org – One day a deer was seen living by the river. He was thinking how to get to the other side of the river. According to the news, across the river there is a lot of food. Whereas in the forest where the Deer lives, the food has run out.

Deer are eager to cross. But, his body is small. If he continues to cross by swimming, he might end up drowning.

Suddenly from behind, a buffalo appeared that was running very fast. But, he immediately stopped when he saw the stunned Deer.

“Hey, Deer. What are you waiting for? There was plenty of food on the other side. I’m already very hungry, ”said the Buffalo, feeling impatient.

“I’m still confused, how to get to the other side,” replied Deer.

“Ha ha ha. Why be confused? Just cross it, “said the Buffalo, making it easy.

Deer has not had time to reply to Buffalo’s words, Buffalo has rushed into the river. Apparently the buffalo was very hungry. He also thought, his big body would not make him drown. However, what happened?

Hap! Suddenly Crocodile appeared, and immediately pounced on the buffalo. The buffalo could not escape. Actually Crocodiles are targeting Deer, but Deer never cross. Luckily, there was a Buffalo that couldn’t wait and rushed across.

The deer ran scared. He looked for another river. Arriving at the other side of the river, he thought again. Then from behind, a rabbit appears that runs very fast.

“Hi, Deer. Why are you pensive? ” asked the Rabbit,

“I still haven’t figured out how to cross the sword,” replied the deer.

“Just swim across,” Rabbit, then threw himself into the river.

What happened? Olala, Kellnci’s body was carried away by the river currents. He was lost, drowned by the swift river currents.

The deer kept thinking. Shortly thereafter, he found a banana tree that had died. With great care, Deer spread the tree over the river.

Aha! Be the banana tree bridge. Deer directly crossed the bridge. Finally, the deer can get across the river safely, he can eat as much as he wants there.

That is the result of the Deer’s patience. If only he was impatient like the Buffalo and the Rabbit, maybe he would not be able to get across safely.

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