Children’s Fairy Tales: The Mountain Story

Children’s Fairy Tales: The Mountain Story – A son and his father were walking on a mountain. Suddenly, his son fell, He was injured and shouted:

Children’s Fairy Tales: The Mountain Story


better-rice-initiative-asia – Aduuuhhhhhh !!!!!!!.” But he was very surprised to hear a sound reflecting from the next mountain. “Aduuuuuuuhhhhhhh !!!!!!!

With great curiosity, he shouted again: “Who are you?” He too received back the same answer: Who are you? ” and then he shouted to the mountain: “I admire you!” and the voice returned: “I admire you !.”

With an angry face at that answer, he shouted: “Coward.” He still received the same answer, “Coward!”

He looked at his father and asked: “What’s going on?” His father smiled and said: “Honey, pay attention.” Again the father will shout: “You are Champion.” He too received the same answer: “You are Champion.”

The child was shocked again and did not understand why it could happen, then his father explained that this is what is called ECHO (sound echo), but that is actually life.

Everything will come back to us, what we said, what we did. Our life is simply a picture of the behavior that we do.

So the lessons that we can imitate from the Children’s Fairy Tales: The Mountain Story is that if we become good people then life will also be good for us, but if we behave badly then life will make us miserable and unhappy.

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