Children’s Fairy Tales: The Story of the Swan and the Golden Egg

Children’s Fairy Tales: The Story of the Swan and the Golden Egg – It was mentioned in ancient times, there lived a poor farmer who had a very beautiful goose. The farmer took good care of the goose until one day when the farmer came to the goose pen, the goose had spawned a shiny golden egg.

Cerita Dongeng Anak : Kisah Angsa Dan Telur Emas


better-rice-initiative-asia.org – The farmer takes the golden egg to the market and sells it. The same incident was repeated for the following days, so that in a short time the farmer started to become rich. But not long after that the farmer’s greed and impatience towards the goose arose because the goose only gave one egg every day. The farmer felt he would not get rich fast that way.

One day, after counting the money, an idea came to the farmer’s head, the idea that he would get all the golden eggs of the Goose at once by cutting the Goose. But when the idea was carried out, he could not find an egg, and his prized goose was slaughtered.

So the lessons that we can imitate from this fairy tale of the goose and the golden egg are

He who has had something in abundance, but is greedy and wants more, will lose all he has. So be grateful for everything we have.

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