The nutrition component will be achieved through three complementary approaches:

  • Oil fortification with Vitamin A;
  • Rice fortification and
  • Information, education, communication (IEC) nutrition messaging to raise awareness within government institutions, the private sector and the general public, of nutrition and health benefits of fortified rice.

Fortified rice and oil are a promising opportunity to overcome micronutrient and vitamin malnutrition in Indonesia. Fortified rice and oil are a cost-effective measure through which large population groups can easily be supplied with nutrients irrespective of behaviour changes, and fortified rice is technically feasible and culturally acceptable.

Besides, “better nutrition” will derive from the daily rice bowl that (malnourished) population groups regularly consume in Asia and which contains not only rice, but also other ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables and edible oil, etc. Consequently, the objective of the nutrition component is to make the whole rice bowl more nutritious.