The overall component objective is to enhance the nutritional status of poor population groups in Indonesia. In order to achieve this goal, interventions will focus on broader access to nutritious foods for poor population groups.

The achievement of the objective will be measured using the following indicators:

  1. Improved quality assurance and quality control for vitamin A fortified edible oil;
    • At least 80% of the food inspectors trained apply their knowledge;
  2. Increased access to micronutrient-fortified rice, especially for poor and vulnerable population groups;
    • At least 2 identified “champions” (SME rice mills) voluntarily sell fortified rice;
    • A social marketing strategy that is culturally appropriate and acceptable is elaborated, pilot tested and implemented in the pilot region of the project;
    • A concept to fortify rice within the scope of national social safety net programmes is developed and pilot tested together with public entities and private sector.
  3. Promotion of a healthy diet / broader nutrition social marketing deriving from the daily rice bowl.
    • Nutrition messages about the daily rice bowl are developed, pilot tested and implemented at scale to a larger public;
    • Qualitative assessments show that 50% of the test subjects, identified by simple random sampling, recall at least 3 nutrition messages with unaided recall.