Jaka Tarub’s folk tales

Jaka Tarub’s folk tales – Long time ago, in a village lived a widow named Mbok Randa. She lives alone because her husband has passed away a long time ago. One day, he adopted a boy to be his son. His adopted son was named Jaka Tarub. Jaka Tarub also grew up.

Jaka Tarub’s folk tales


better-rice-initiative-asia – Jaka Tarub became a very handsome, handsome, and kind young man. He also has supernatural powers. Every day, he always helps his mother in the fields. Because they have a very handsome face, many beautiful girls want to be their wives. However, he didn’t want to get married yet.

Every day his mother told Jaka Tarub to get married immediately. However, he again refused his mother’s request. One day Mbok Randa fell ill and breathed his last. Jaka Tarub was very sad.

Since Mbok Randha’s death, Jaka Tarub often daydreams. Now the fields are neglected.

“In vain I worked. Who are the results for? ” so muttered Jaka Tarub.

One night, Jaka Tarub dreamed of eating Deer Meat. When he woke up from his sleep, he immediately went to the forest. From morning to noon he walked. However, he did not see Deer at all. Never mind the deer, the mouse deer is not there.

Once upon a time, he passed the lake and accidentally he saw the angels were bathing there. In the lake, there are seven beautiful women playing with water, joking, having fun. Jaka Tarub was very surprised to see their beauty.

Because Jaka Tarub felt captivated by the seven angels, he finally took one of his scarves. After that the angels finished taking a shower, they dressed up and got ready to return to heaven.

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They returned to their respective scarves. However, one of the angels did not find her shawl. Her six older siblings also helped look for it, but until evening they were not found. Because it was getting late, Nawangwulan was left alone. His brothers returned to Khayangan. He felt very sad.

Not long after, Jaka Tarub came over and pretended to help the Angel. He invited the angel, who turned out to be Nawang Wulan, to go home. The presence of Nawang Wulan made Jaka Tarub excited again.

Long story short, they finally got married. Both live happily. they also have a beautiful daughter named Nawangsih. Before they got married, Nawang Wulan reminded Jaka Tarub not to ask about what habits he would do later when he became a wife.

Nawang Wulan’s secret is that he cooks rice always using one grain of rice, with one grain of rice he can produce a lot of rice. After they married Jaka Tarub was very curious. However, he did not ask Nawang Wulan directly, but he immediately opened it and saw the pot that his wife likes to use to cook rice. He saw a sprig of rice still lying in it, he immediately closed it again. Due to Jaka Tarub’s curiosity. Nawang Wulan lost his strength. From then on, Nawang Wulan had to pound and win rice for cooking, just like any other woman.

Because the pile of rice kept decreasing, one time, Nawangwulan accidentally found his bidadar shawl tucked into the pile of rice. it turned out that the shawl was in the granary which her husband had hidden.

Nawang Wulan also felt very angry when her husband stole her scarf. Finally, he decided to go to heaven. Jaka Tarub also apologized and begged his wife not to go to heaven again, but Nawangwulan had made up his mind, until he finally went to heaven. Yet she still occasionally comes down to earth to breastfeed her baby. However, on one condition, Jaka Tarub could not be with Nawangsih when Nawang Wulan met him. Let him alone near the lake.

Jaka Tarub held his sadness very much. He wants to look tough. After Jaka Tarub expressed his ability not to see Nawangwulan again, the angel flew away from him and Nawangsih. Jaka Tarub could only stare at Nawangwulan’s departure while embracing Nawangsih. Really his mistake is unforgivable. There is nothing else he can do at this time apart from taking good care of Nawangsih

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