The overall project objective is to contribute to the goals under the PDP for a strengthened agricultural sector and improved food security in the Philippines. Farmers’ market position, income and food security shall be improved by strengthening agricultural extension services, improved farmers’ access to extension services and improved access to markets.

The achievement of the objective will be measured using the following indicators:

  1. 70% of 200 trained agricultural extension workers (AEWs), lead farmers and private service provider have applied their knowledge on value chains, basic agriculture, rice specific farming techniques and enhanced methods on training delivery.
  2. 80% of 8,000 advised farmers achieve 20% yield and 15% income increase in rice production compared to the provincial agricultural average.
  3. 40% of 8,000 advised farmers have confirmed an enhanced knowledge on the local rice market and its marketing channels. Long-term agreements between advised farmers and retailers increase by 20% by considering risk management options and micro insurance.
  4. Developed training modules and good practices on production techniques, marketing and stakeholder cooperation are documented, disseminated, and accessible as public goods submitted to the Department of Agriculture (DA).