It is the overall goal of the project to improve the livelihoods of the rural rice farmers through the promotion of sustainable production and improved market access.

The achievement of the objective will be measured using the following indicators:

  1. 80 % of 300 lead farmers use their new knowledge on recommended farming practices in farmer trainings.
  2. 60% of 10,000 farmers trained apply recommended farming practices.
  3. Recommended training methods increase gross margin by 20% compared to provincial average.
  4. At least three improved post-harvest management concepts are developed and submitted to the Rice Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.
  5. In 50 schools of the region, the “future farmer approach” was presented by the project and positively assessed by 70% of the pupils.
  6. Potential local rice millers, retailers, wholesalers or exporters are identified and have signed long-term business arrangements among each other and/ or with project farmers.

Additional indicators for component three and four will be included once private partners within these segments of the value chain are gained.