The Children’s Story of a Musician in the City of Bremen (Brothers Grimm’s Folklore)

The Children’s Story of a Musician in the City of Bremen (Brothers Grimm’s Folklore) – Long ago there lived a donkey who worked for a Lord.

The Children’s Story of a Musician in the City of Bremen (Brothers Grimm’s Folklore)


better-rice-initiative-asia – The donkey had been working tirelessly for years, but as he got older, the donkey’s strength began to diminish.

Mr. donkey owner began to consider selling donkeys to butchers for slaughter.

But before that happened, Donkey had already left for Bremen.

In the city of Bremen, the donkey is thinking of becoming a city musician.

On the way he met a dog who was lying exhausted because he had run far.

“Why are you running so fast that you are so exhausted like that, dog friend.” asked the Donkey.

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“Ah,” replied the dog, “because I am old, every day getting weaker, and no longer able to hunt, my master wanted to kill me, so I ran away; but now how can I survive? ”

I tell you, “said the donkey,” I’m going to Bremen, and I’ll be a city musician there; go with me and get involved as a musician too. I’ll play the lute, and you can play the drums. ”

The dog agreed, and they left.

Before long they found a cat, sitting on the path, with a face like three days of crying!

“Hey old cat, what happened to you?” asked the donkey.

“Who can rejoice when his neck is in danger?” replied the cat. “Now that I am old, and my teeth are worn out, and I prefer sitting by the fire, rather than hunting mice, my employer wanted to drown me, so I ran. But now I’m confused where to go? ”

“Come with us to Bremen. You understand night music, so you can become a city musician. ”

The cat thought about it well, and went with them.

After that the three fugitives came to the farm yard, where a rooster was sitting at the gate, crowing with all his might.

“Hi friends, why are you crowing like that. Very noisy, “said the donkey. “What is the problem?”

“Tomorrow guests are coming, so my owner decided to cut me up for chicken soup.” Answer the rooster sadly. ” Now I crow as hard as I can. ”

“Ah, my friend,” said the donkey, “your story is very sad. You better go with us. We’re going to Bremen; You can find something better than waiting for death: You have a great voice, and if we make music together, it will be! ”

The rooster agreed to this plan, and the four of them continued together. However, they could not reach the city of Bremen in one day, and at night they arrived at the forest where they would spend the night.

The donkey and dog are lying under a big tree, the cat and rooster sit on the branches.

Then the rooster flew to the very top of the branch, where it would be safest.

Before going to sleep, he looked around on all four sides, and saw in the distance that there were small sparks; so he called his friends that there must be a house not far away, because he saw a light.

The donkey said, “Then we better get up and go, because the shelter here is bad.”

The Dog and Cat also agreed, hoping that there were some bones they could eat.

So they walked to the place where the light was, and immediately saw it shine brighter and grow bigger, until they came to the house of the robber which was well lit.

The donkey, being the greatest, went to the window and looked inside.

“What do you see, my gray horse?” asked the chicken.

“What did I see?” replied the donkey; “The table is filled with good food and drink, and the muggers sitting there having a good time.”

“It will become commonplace for us,” said the chicken.

“Yes, yes; ah, how I wish we were there! “Said the donkey.

Then the beasts discussed together how they should succeed in repelling the robbers, and in the end they carried out a plan.

The donkey will place itself with its two front paws on the window sill, the dog will jump on the donkey’s back, the cat will climb the dog, and finally the chicken flies and perches on the donkey’s head.

When this was done, with a certain code, they began to play their music together: the donkey neighing, the dog barking, the cat meowing, and the rooster crowing; then they broke through the window into the room, so the glass broke!

At this terrible commotion, robbers appeared, thinking that none other than a ghost had entered, and fled in great fear into the forest.

The four friends now sat at the table, satisfied with what was left, and ate as if they were going to fast for a month.

As soon as the four singers finished, they turned off the lights, and each found a suitable bed for himself.

The donkey is lying on the hay in the yard, the dog behind the door, the cat on the fireplace by the warm ashes, and the rooster perched on the roof beams; and tired of their long journey, they immediately went to sleep.

When it was past midnight, and the robbers saw from afar that the light in their house was no longer lit, and all seemed quiet, their leader said, “We shouldn’t let ourselves get scared out like that;”

He then ordered one of them to go and inspect the house.

The messenger found the house in a state of silence.

She went into the kitchen to light a candle, and, saw the glittering cat’s eyes.

He was about to start a fire immediately, but before that happened the cat flew into his face scratching.

He was very frightened, and ran to the back door, but the dog that was lying there, jumped and bit his leg; and as he ran across the lawn by the haystack, the donkey gave him a hard kick with its hind legs.

The rooster, too, who had been awakened by the noise, shouted from the roof, “Cock-a-doodle-doo!”

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